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Use of Neurofeedback in Higher Music Education: A Pilot Study

Philipp Heiler

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K.L.A.N.G. - creative.learning.try out.curious.together. - a music project with 1st graders of a primary school in Bavaria

Veronika Hofer
General music performance anxiety and audience presence: their influence on the music students’ neuroendocrine response across time during a music performance

Amélie Guyon

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Contributing Factors to Student Motivation Decline in Musical Instrument Lessons

Ana Kavcic Pucihar

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Rhythmic Pacing Skills, Instructional Efficacy and Student Motivation in Music Teaching

Frank Heuser

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Media JA (on YouTube)
Media SAM (on YouTube)
Attitudes in music practice: Self-Regulated Learning processes in advanced musicians from Brazil and Portugal

Camilla dos Santos Silva

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From Novice to Professional: Steps for a Successful Transition

Joel Bickel

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The Impact of Self-Observation on Novice Musicians’ Evaluations of Practice Efficacy

Margaret Brown

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Aspects of Motivational Psychology in Vocal Lessons/ Motivationspsychologische Aspekte im Gesangunterricht

Jessica Poppe

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The role of progressive muscle relaxation on subjective pain perception and music performance anxiety in music students.

Simone Spangler

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The Influence of Different Playing Speeds on Muscle Activity in the Back, Upper Arm, and Forearm in Skilled Piano Playing

Ho Huang

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Motivational aspects of improvising and composing in the early piano practice / Motivierende Aspekte Elementaren Improvisierens und Komponierens im Klavierunterricht

Katharina Neudegger

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The effect of the mental intervention role-playing on action control in freelance musicians‘ practice

Peter Laib

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Combining Sports and Performance Research in the Quest for Excellence

Christian Benning
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