June 2nd and 3rd, 2023

The 8th international and interdisciplinary symposium, Art in Motion 2023, will focus on MOTIVATION. What inspires musicians, dancers and athletes to practice, rehearse and train? How can individuals keep up their drive, both short term and long term? What strategies help them maintain creativity and discipline, when the “going gets tough”? How can peers, educators, and society provide an environment that allows performers to thrive during dry spells such as the pandemic?

These and other questions around extrinsic and intrinsic incentives, i.e., the costs and rewards of hard work, as well as factors such as grit and passion, will be explored through keynotes, talks, workshops, a poster session … and performances. Participants will also have multiple opportunities over these two days to exchange ideas with one another directly.

Please mark your calendar and plan to join us next June. Details about the format (virtual, hybrid, or in-person) will be posted as soon as possible.

To receive updates by mail or for your questions, please write to the AiM23 team: info@artinmotion2023.com.